From the kitchen to your doorsteps: Delivery done right with Grubhub

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From the kitchen to your doorsteps: Delivery done right with Grubhub

As the leader in the food delivery industry, Grubhub is using data and its personality to push the limits as to what delivery means.

We spoke with Brian Werter, a Qualitative Insights Analyst with Grubhub about the exciting things the tech and delivery pioneer is doing to stay a leader in the space.

What’s the most exciting thing going on at Grubhub right now?

Grubhub is always focused on continuing to provide a best in class experience for our diners, as well as on being a great partner to restaurants. As an organization, we are continuing to connect with our diners in more meaningful ways, transforming our brand while we elevate the takeout space. In order to do that well, the team puts a lot of emphasis on our research and insights. We want to nail down what’s genuinely important and meaningful to our customers, the restaurants, and our partners

So, how do you go about finding this out?

As a team, we want to gain as much insight and input from as many sources as possible. We have all the big data analytics but you also have a lot of folks on our team talking to users directly — and the goals is to marry both sides. We’re very diner-centric, and want to hear and utilize personal stories to understand the data. In doing so, we have the ability to create the best possible product for our diners, restaurant partners, and drivers. While it’s critical to apply the data that we’ve gathered, we need to humanize it — we want to connect the analytics to the emotional and personal experience.

How did Breather help you do this?

At Grubhub, we pride ourselves in being a fun, genuine, and personable brand. We’ve always wanted to bring this personality into the research arena, and create research sessions that are interesting, exciting, and inspiring that reflect the Grubhub brand. Traditionally, research has the reputation of being boring and sterile. The typical research study rooms are dry, feel dated, and there’s a kind of haunting feeling to it — you always feel like you’re being watched! The two-way mirror and white walls makes research feel stuffy and unnatural. We wanted to find a space that would inspire and excite participants, as well as feel comfortable enough to open up — and that’s exactly what Breather did for us. At Breather, we have access to spaces that are extremely well designed and spark creativity! Participants immediately comment on how nice the space is, and the research sessions we’ve held at Breather spaces allow for more fun, as well as tranquility.

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