3 Things to Keep in Mind When Working Collaboratively

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Working Collaboratively

NOBL, organizational and team design firm shares their top 3 things to keep in mind when working collaboratively.

Foster psychological safety.

Create a safe environment for your team by monitoring personal interactions and chatting with team members to gauge the overall level of trust and comfort. When psychological safety is present, teams are able to accomplish more, faster, because they know they can rely on one another for support.

Be brain-friendly.

People work differently, in order to support all different ways of thinking it helps to give everyone time to prep and share their thoughts. We’re fans of rounds, that looks like giving people 2 minutes to think and write down all of their ideas, then you go around and share one at a time, then anyone can add and build onto ideas they are excited about.

Pro-tip: make sure the most senior person in the room is last so they don’t anchor the team in one way of thinking.

Edit accordingly.

Take time after a project is completed to do a project retrospective. It’s easy to jump into the next project as soon as one’s done but a retrospective is an opportunity to look back with the intent to work better as a collective in the future.

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