Making work look good with Kit and Ace

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Making work look good with Kit and Ace

We design spaces for your work life, so it should come as no surprise that we appreciate others that expertly merge the two in a polished and cool way. Kit and Ace apply the principles of technical design to clothing for your real life. Think extra luxurious pieces you can move in. It’s exactly the type of thing you’d sport to the office feeling ready to show your boss who’s really in charge.

For spring, Kit and Ace are focused on the theme of Going Places—in travel, career and in the mind. And earlier this month, they used one of our LA spaces as a stand in for a simple yet modern office (imagine that!).

We spoke to Creative Director, Reanna Evoy, and got her to answer our 5 QUESTIONS quiz.


What is your essential work routine?

If I’m on it, I like to get up early at around 5:15 am to workout (yes, that’s right I said workout. Yes that’s at 5:15 am). That way I can wake-up on a stationary bike during spin class and burn calories before heading to the office. It kinda forces me to work out if I am half-asleep. I like to take my time in the morning and have a coffee and check emails in the comfort of my home—music blasting, of course, so I can dance around my apartment.
Heading to the office, I grab my second cup of coffee at my favorite café then jump into meetings. If I can get a few hours of uninterrupted work or research in, I feel like I have a good handle on my day.
The more time I have to think and plan, the better. A mindful moment in-between my day really helps. At Kit and Ace we like to include meditation in our daily routine to give our minds a break and refocus. Call it a mini spa even if it’s only for five minutes.


Two textures that go best together?

Not a texture but a taste! Salty and sweet.

The book you most often recommend?

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris


What’s the one thing you do that makes you feel more productive?

I feel the most productive if I have a clean desk, I have my headphones on and I have the time and space to think and do my job instead of spending it in all-day meetings. If I can check a few things off my list and not have to take my work home, it’s magic.
Time is hard to find. We are always doing busy work and end up in too many useless meetings. I often get the most work done away from work—if I can sneak out. Productivity is also related to pace—keep it slow and deliberate to reduce any unnecessary stress to stay focused. That’s my jam.

The one piece of artwork you wish you owned.

I love photography. I have always adored Stephen Shore and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work. I think being from Vancouver I would also love a massive Jeff Wall.


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