Muuto: A New Perspective

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Muuto: A New Perspective

As part of our Design Collective, we collaborated with Copenhagan-based design house Muuto to outfit 750 N. Franklin in Chicago.

Muutos is a Finnish term meaning change. It is often used in relation to identity to describe a metaphysical problem of objects and their relationship to time. How do objects change with (the) time(s)?

Simply put, objects change through the perspective of the designer. The chair is reimagined daily, as is the light fixture, the mirror, the bookcase, the table, the workspace. Muuto works with architects, industrial designers, and graphic designers, striving to contribute to the tradition of Scandinavian design through the use of modern materials and techniques. Most importantly, they are careful to maintain a tradition of functionality and craftsmanship.

Muuto pieces offer a sense of playfulness through color and form. When entering 750 Franklin, the colors don’t pop, but are subtly incorporated into a palette. Tables are mint green, lamps are soft pink, and a red ottoman sits in the corner. The shelf is a perfect example of play through form. It’s modular, and can be turned from a traditional shelf to countless other shapes and iterations. They are the blocks to build a house (in this case, for books, a plant, and a few other objects).

These elements of form and color complement the space’s industrial feel. It is a former warehouse situated beside the tracks of the L train. The curved ceiling and exposed pipes offer some edge to the simplicity of the pieces.

Our partnership with Muuto makes perfect sense—if we work to foster new perspectives of the workspace, it’s only right to fill the space with furniture that does the same. Furniture with muutos.

We take design seriously—take a look.

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